Why add mental health to your workplace wellness program?

Employers across the United States use workplace wellness programs to drive down health care costs by helping employees simply become healthier. These programs drive down costs by:

  • Promoting early identification of and intervention in health problems
  • Encouraging employees to adopt positive health behaviors
  • Educating employees about how to manage their health
  • Providing a support network to help employees achieve their health goals

All of these beneficial aspects of workplace wellness programs can also be applied to workplace mental health. Mental health conditions can be identified and treated earlier, reducing the chance of disability claims and lowering the number of lost work days. Employees can learn ways to nurture their mental health and prevent serious illnesses. They can do all of this in a supportive, inclusive environment of their peers with just a few additions to their existing workplace wellness program.

Mental health oriented workplace wellness programs

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®): A recovery education program that we offer to help people discover their personal plan for maintaining mental, physical, social, and spiritual wellness. Whether through a single full-day format or in short meetings over 6 weeks, our workshops can teach your team the skills to keep themselves well. If you want to continue offering WRAP® in-house, you can train graduates to become facilitators in our Seminar Two WRAP® Facilitator Training.

WorkplaceResponse®: An annual subscription service in which your employees can fill out anonymous mental health screenings and have overall trends in the responses delivered to you. You can track how well your workforce is doing and when they might need some extra support.

Mental Health First Aid: A national program to deliver 8-hour training on how to identify, understand, and respond to mental health and substance use problems. Graduates of the program can train to be instructors so that you can continue providing these workshops internally.

Working Through It: A downloadable video series by Workplace Strategies for Mental Health that shows individuals struggling to cope with mental health challenges at work and helps to answer tough questions like "what should I say to my colleagues?" These videos can be shown in meetings about mental health and wellness, during a mental health week, or simply given to employees to watch in privacy should they need encouragement. Working Through It also provides a Well-being Checklist for employees to assess their mental and emotional health.

ICU (Identify, Connect, Understand) Program: A free workplace whole-wellness program that includes an implementation guide, presentation guide, videos, flyers, and questionnaires.

The Depression Center: A free, web-based wellness planning, peer support, and goal-setting program for individuals experiencing depression.

The Panic Center: A free, web-based wellness planning, peer support, and goal-setting program for individuals experiencing anxiety problems.

Free self-screening tools for your employees

Check Up from the Neck Up: A free self-assessment tool for employees to check for signs of the most common mental health conditions.

Mental Health Meter: A free self-assessment tool for employees to check their mental wellness in the areas of life enjoyment, resilience, balance, self-actualization, and flexibility.

Check Your Drinking Survey: Free self-assessment tool for employees to determine if their drinking is out of the ordinary, get insight into the physical and financial costs of their drinking, and receive non-judgmental suggestions for reducing alcohol consumption

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